Youth Program

Youth ProgramWhat parent doesn’t want all the best for their children?  And what child doesn’t want to have the respect of his/her peers?  While our Youth Kung Fu program teaches self-defense techniques, it also provides a great mental and physical workout.  Our students learn traits that will transcend their lifetime.  Studies show that children who study martial arts are more focused, have more respect for others, do better in school, have a more developed work ethic and have an improved level of health.

Our Youth members (ages 5-11) learn how to believe in themselves, and learn that to work for something gives them self-esteem, and self-respect.  Our low student-teacher ratio allows our Youth to grow and succeed at his/her own pace.  Unlike other youth schools, our goal is not to hand out ribbons, sashes and belts, but to teach our Youth to enjoy their growth and have pride in their achievements as they earn their rank.

pigtails"The only limitations that we really have are the ones that we impose upon ourselves." - Unknown

Doing martial arts may appear hip or cool to a child, but the search for a martial arts school to train your child is serious inquiry. A martial arts school is not only an institution of learning, it is a place where your child will spend a tremendous amount of developmental energy. Plus for them to be successful they will spend many hours training at the facility and thus be influenced by the teachers that work with them. So there can be no doubt, a martial art school will influence your child and their development.

At the Chinese Shaolin Center we recognize that training our young students is not something to just do. Our goal is to provide a stable environment that makes a real difference in your child’s life.


youth training 2The most important aspect of any martial arts school is the quality of the people who are running the school and teaching the class. Are they competent? Are they professional and do they have your child’s best interest at heart?

At the Atlanta area Chinese Shaolin Centers, each school is run by martial arts professionals dedicated to training and passing along time proven traditional martial arts. They are well trained caring instructors who not only understand how to teach kids, but want to teach them. We understand that children are children. They are not adults. We recognize that each child is on their own individual journey and that each child has specific needs. We use a structured training environment to encourage each child to overcome obstacles and build their self esteem.

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What We Believe In!

We believe in instilling a work ethic in the youth we train. We value old fashion hard work. Today many schools in America will guarantee a certain rank in a set amount of time based upon a set fee that a parent pays. We do not believe in this. For a rank to have any significant meaning to a child, they must earn it. They must do the work themselves that is required for advancement from one level to the next.

Our Environment

Youth class takes place in a structured environment. Classes are fun, organized and promote discipline. Our curriculum is neither limited nor boring; it is a very rich and diverse set of material developed over centuries at the Shaolin temples that is second to none. It features empty hand techniques, the study of animal forms, appropriate weapon training for kids and virtually unlimited growth potential. Each level builds and expands upon the level before it. Our curriculum helps to develop young minds by constantly challenging them.

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Our program improves overall physical fitness. It promotes an increase in cognitive skills, sharpens hand and eye coordination and improves a child’s sense of balance and direction. It helps to increase attention span and it greatly increases a child’s ability to focus.
Our approach to training teaches CSC students to rise and meet challenges with confidence. It represents the CSC difference: caring instructors, a diverse and challenging curriculum, professional facilities and time proven authentic martial arts training that will teach your child self defense, self confidence and practical life skills they can use the rest of their lives!