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TrainingPageKungFuImageWebOriginally conceived by the monks in Northern China, Shaolin Kung Fu was developed as a way to discipline the mind and body. Traditional kung fu uses a variety of styles. For example, there are “Empty Hand Styles” (basic jumps, kicks, and hand defenses), “Animal Styles” (movements that follow the use of various animal fighting methods) and the use of “Weaponry” (swords, sticks, knives and other traditional weapons).

Our curriculum is the most comprehensive program available nationwide. We offer an amazing variety of styles, such as Classical Hua Fist, the famous Shaolin 5-Animals, Drunken Immortals, Preying Mantis and many more. These styles take you on your journey through Kung Fu training. Whether you want to study Kung Fu just for the exercise or make a lifelong practice of the forms and the discipline, Kung Fu offers something for everyone.

hook swordsA healthy body and active life equates to a long life.  The Chinese Shaolin Centers seek to promote all aspects of the traditions of Shaolin at its schools and create an experience that one will never forget.

At the Chinese Shaolin Centers we teach old, traditional Chinese martial arts. We have done martial arts performances throughout Asia, including Beijing, Xian, Chen Village, Shaolin Temple, Singapore, Thailand, Hong Kong, and Indonesia. The most frequent comment we hear from our Chinese hosts is "You do very old, very traditional kung fu." Most of the material taught at the Chinese Shaolin Centers is several hundred years old. The average kung fu practitioner never has the opportunity to learn material this traditional. The material that is taught at the Chinese Shaolin Centers was developed at a time in China's history when the effectiveness of a martial artist's techniques and skills directly impacted their survival. Shaolin-Tao is a traditional, authentic form of martial arts - not a tournament based sport.

block punchRules are taught by teachers, but the essence can only be comprehended by the students themselves. The essence can only be obtained through practice. Put simply, as you practice, you obtain the essence!


The Shaolin Temples of China were the first "universities" for martial arts training. We carry on the martial traditions of the Temples by teaching a vast array of kung fu styles. The art of Shaolin-Tao consists of hundreds of forms from various styles in one comprehensive system. No one style can offer all the solutions for everyone in every situation. A martial artist must learn a wide spectrum of styles in order to be well rounded and well educated. It would be easier to learn only one style, particularly a style for which one has a natural aptitude; however, it is through challenge that personal growth is realized. At the Chinese Shaolin Centers students will progress through the ranks from beginner to intermediate and on to advanced levels of training.

KungfuPageweaponsKung fu is more than a series of movements learned to defend oneself. It is more than reaching goals denoted by a particular rank. It is about the journey. This is a journey of personal growth and development. Not everyone walks in with the same abilities. Some people have better memories, some people have better athletic skill and some people have a better work ethic. Kung fu is not about competing with those around you - it is about competing with yourself. You compete to improve yourself across time.

Some people are afraid they are too old or out of shape. "I'm 48 years old - I can't do this stuff." To that we say, you may be too old to become the next martial arts movie star, but you're not too old to improve yourself.


Success is learning a useful, life altering art that becomes part of who and what you are.

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