seal atlantaWe all choose the paths we walk in life.

At the Atlanta Area Chinese Shaolin Centers, we offer two paths: Kung Fu (External Arts) and Tai Chi (Internal Arts). Both offer improved physical fitness, better integration and awareness of mind and body and an incredible amount of martial training.  It's up to you to decide how you would like to achieve your goals.  All Chinese Shaolin Centers are clean, spacious, well-maintained and professionally run facilities. They all have specialized training floors which reduce shock to the body, helping to prevent injuries and keeping your joints healthy.

Kung Fu (External)

TrainingPageKungFuImageWebOriginally conceived by the monks in Northern China, Shaolin Kung Fu was developed as a way to discipline the mind and body. Traditional kung fu uses a variety of styles. For example, there are “Empty Hand Styles” (basic jumps, kicks, and hand defenses), “Animal Styles” (movements that follow the use of various animal fighting methods) and the use of “Weaponry” (swords, sticks, knives and other traditional weapons).

Our curriculum is the most comprehensive program available nationwide. We offer an amazing variety of styles, such as Classical Hua Fist, the famous Shaolin 5-Animals, Drunken Immortals, Preying Mantis and many more. These styles take you on your journey through Kung Fu training. Whether you want to study Kung Fu just for the exercise or make a lifelong practice of the forms and the discipline, Kung Fu offers something for everyone.

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Tai Chi (Internal)

TrainingPageInternalImageWebTai Chi is the most famous of all the internal arts and the most practiced martial art in the world. Originally designed as a fighting art, it is best known today for its phenomenal health benefits. Tai Chi's gentle, flowing motions are simple and natural, making the practice of Tai Chi a safe and healthful exercise.

The Internal Arts program at the Chinese Shaolin Centers offers a specialized curriculum designed to improve your overall health and self awareness while teaching you proper body alignment, as well as time-proven self defense. You’ll learn breathing and meditation techniques to help reduce stress. Our program begins by teaching Yang Tai Chi and continues your education with Pa Kua (Bagua), Hsing-I (Xing-ie), and more.

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Youth Program

Youth ProgramWhat parent doesn’t want all the best for their children?  And what child doesn’t want to have the respect of his/her peers?  While our Youth Kung Fu program teaches self-defense techniques, it also provides a great mental and physical workout.  Our students learn traits that will transcend their lifetime.  Studies show that children who study martial arts are more focused, have more respect for others, do better in school, have a more developed work ethic and have an improved level of health.

Our Youth members (ages 5-11) learn how to believe in themselves, and learn that to work for something gives them self-esteem, and self-respect.  Our low student-teacher ratio allows our Youth to grow and succeed at his/her own pace.  Unlike other youth schools, our goal is not to hand out ribbons, sashes and belts, but to teach our Youth to enjoy their growth and have pride in their achievements as they earn their rank.

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