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Sifu Vince Vickers CSC RomeShaolin Kung Fu is one of the oldest recognized martial arts in the world. The Rome Northwests Georgia YMCA Kung Fu program is the only martial arts club in the Northwest Georgia region (i.e., Floyd, Gordon, Polk and Chattooga counties) to offer comprehensive training in Shaolin Kung Fu. Students will learn and practice open hand forms, self-defense techniques, meditation, strength training, and aerobic conditioning. The Club is also the only school in the region to offer training in the use of traditional Chinese martial arts weapons such as staff, sword and spear.

This dynamic approach to exercise allows students to advance in skill, balance, dexterity, strength and endurance at their own pace . Students are allowed to grow and succeed at their own pace. The Club's goal is not to hand out ribbons, sashes or belts, but to teach students to enjoy their growth and have pride in their achievements as they earn their rank.

Vince Vickers is the chief instructor of the Rome Northwest Georgia YMCA Kung Fu Program. He has over 25 years of training in the martial arts and has taught at the Rome YMCA since 2003. Mr. Vickers also has a Master of Science degree in Psychology from Jacksonville State University and has extensive experience in working with youths and adults.

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Rome/Floyd YMCA
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