Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) About:

The Art of Shaolin-Tao

Why do you learn so many techniques instead of just focusing on a few things?
Constant learning will keep the training physically and mentally challenging for a lifetime. Your body will assimilate any new knowledge in a short amount of time and then the overall value of exercise will start to diminish. Some people want to learn a few things and study and practice them forever. But that's not how any educational system in the world works - except for martial arts schools with limited amounts of knowledge. Look at it this way - in school you learned to read, write, do math, study history, science, social studies and so on. Would you be better educated and better prepared to solve problems if you just worked on multiplication tables so you could perfect them? No matter how good you get at multiplication tables - without the other subjects that you learn in school you would be grossly uneducated and ill prepared to face and solve real world problems.

How does your style compare to other styles?
We essentially teach all facets of martial theory and techniques somewhere in the vast amount of material we deliver. So, after many years of training and practice, practitioners from other styles will be hard pressed to demonstrate a technique that you don't have or that is not similar to techniques in your martial arts arsenal.

What is your rank order?
White – Yellow – Blue – Green – 3rd Brown – 2nd Brown – 1st Brown and 1st through 10th Degree Black.

How long does it take to advance to 1st Degree Black?
On average it takes about 750 to 1,000 hours worth of work. Some people do it in a couple of years – most take longer.

Training at the Atlanta Area Chinese Shaolin Centers

Can we meet some of the instructors and watch a class?
Yes, we welcome the opportunity to have you meet our instructors.  By meeting with them and watching a class you can better see how our program will work for you.

Can I train in both the kung fu and the internal program?
Yes, many students take both curriculums.  The two programs offer balance in your martial arts training.

Do you have classes for adult beginners?
We have adult beginner classes Monday through Thursday and on Saturday.

Am I too old to start training?
No - however old you are you can still come in and work on improving yourself. If you are older and/or out of condition you may have a slower, more deliberate road to travel - but keep in mind that you train for what it does for you - not for how you compare to someone else. It is never to late to start down the road of personal growth and development.

What are the ages for the Youth class?
From age 5 through age 11 are the “official” ages for that class. However sometimes 5 is too young – especially for boys. Sometimes a child will stay in Youth class past 11 or possibly move into adult class before they turn 12.

How long is each class?
Most classes are an hour long.

How is the class time broken up?
It's not a hard and fast rule but class is generally 15 minutes of warm-up and conditioning, 15 minutes of review and 30 minutes of learning that week's material.

What type of conditioning is in each class?
We do an enormous variety of things to improve your overall condition. We define “being in shape” as having outstanding strength, flexibility, cardiovascular capacity, bone density and agility. The people who come in and apply themselves diligently – get exactly that.

Do you spar in class?
In the kung-fu program we spar in most classes from blue sash on but rarely in white and yellow classes.

How many classes can I attend each week?
As many classes of your rank or below that you can make it to.

I've had previous training, so what rank would I start at?
Everybody starts at white sash regardless of previous training. This is not an insult to your skill or knowledge. It's just that you are embarking down a new path. It's similar to what happens if you go to learn a new language – just because you have a degree in English it doesn't mean you can start in advanced Spanish class. You should learn and advance quicker than a true beginner but we want to make sure that anyone wearing a blue sash knows the material necessary to test for the rank – regardless of skill or other knowledge.


How much does it cost?
The price is determined by the length of enrollment. The average student is spending about $95 a month for a membership that allows them to come and train 6 days a week at any class that is their rank or below. For exact pricing information visit the school closest to you and pick up the price and schedule information. While at the school watch the Chinese Shaolin Center-Atlanta DVD that will give you an overview of our schools and the art we teach. The best way to experience the Shaolin difference is to take advantage of our $49 trial membership. You'll get two-weeks of classes including the uniform pants and a Chinese Shaolin Center T-Shirt. After the trial if you choose to enroll we will credit the $49 towards your membership - if you choose not to continue your training you get to keep the pants and shirt. It is a low risk way to find out if our program is for you.

Do you have any special rates for members of the same family?
The second family member gets a 25% discount, the third and subsequent family members get a 40% discount.