Tai Chi Applications and Concepts DVDs

The first three volumes of the Shaolin Secrets to Success DVD Series form the complete set of Senior Master Grooms' Yang Style Tai Chi Applications and Concepts.

In this three-part DVD series, Senior Master Grooms goes beyond the basics of Yang Style Tai Chi to explore it’s principles, martial applications, and theory which demonstrates the reason Tai Chi is one of the world’s most effective martial arts.

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Shaolin Legends and Training Essentials
Featuring Grandmaster Sin Kwang Thé


The Chinese Shaolin Center is proud to present the third installment in the Shaolin Legends video series.

In Shaolin Legends volume 3, Grandmaster Sin Kwang The' continues to share the legends of the Shaolin Masters, covering the legends of Tiger Crane form, Praying Mantis, Sparring Techniques, and more.

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Shaolin Secrets to Success Volume 4:
Sparring Strategies and Solutions: A Master's Perspective

In the fourth volume of the Shaolin Secrets to Success series, Senior Master Tim Nance shares with you his perspective on how you can become a better sparrer. Learn how to take your sparring to the next level by applying his wisdom and knowledge to your foundational punches, stances, kicks and stepping techniques. In addition, he teaches training drills and shares with you the important details he sees as he engages an opponent.

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