Grandmaster Sin Kwang The'
(1943- )

In 1943, Sin Kwang The', the current Grandmaster of Shaolin-Tao, was born in Bandung, Indonesia. After being accepted by Grandmaster Ie as a student, Sin The' studied Shaolin 8 hours a day (4 hours each morning and 4 hours each evening). At age 13, after 5 years of strenuous training and a test that lasted all day, Sin The' reached the rank of 1st Black.

When Grand Master Ie was in his eighties, he began to train Sin The' to become the next Grand Master. In 1968, Master Sin The's training was complete. Grand Master Ie awarded him the 10th degree and the Grand Master's Red Belt and Sin Kwang The' became the youngest Grand Master in the history of the Shaolin Art. Grand Master The' continued his education at the University of Kentucky and was on the verge of completing his Master's Degree in Nuclear Engineering when Ie Chang Ming died at age 96. Grand Master The' realized that while there were many engineers and scientists, he was the only Shaolin Grand Master. He dropped his studies in order to devote all of his time to teaching the art of Shaolin. Since 1964 he has trained hundreds of Black Belts/Sashes and over a dozen 6th, 7th and 8th Degree Shaolin Masters.

Grandmaster Sin Kwang The'
"From the dawn of history, mankind has endured great tragedy. In the face of utter loss, many never regain the spark of life. However, a few brave souls emerge from life's greatest trauma unscathed. They become the masters of life. Of these few, a handful transcend their tragedy to become stronger, wiser and better human beings. And those few, they are the Grandmasters of life."
- Grandmaster Sin Kwang The'

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